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The lead instructor for StickMobilityUK Paul Coker provides us with some explanations and demonstrations.

What is Stick Mobility all about?

Its about utilising the flexible stick – a simple but unique tool – to complete a system of exercises that improve joint mobility, maintain tissue health, challenge body awareness and build strength and coordination. For example I have shown professional athletes how they can challenge their strength in difficult end range positions to help them build more resilience to injury. I also use it in clinic to help with ankle strengthening post inversion sprain or to improve lower limb stability in runners.

Is it a big orange drainpipe?

No the ends are covered with large rubber grips so it wont be much use in a plumbing emergency. The sticks are made of a unique highly flexible formulae that provides the user with an experience very different from using pipe or broom handles, they also come in a range of sizes up to 7ft. The best way to understand the stick is to try one which we will be encouraging people to do at Therapy Expo this year, you could even participate in a demo class!

Do you have to do a course to use a stick?

No – of course not! However our one day course has been very well received by Physios, Chiros, Therapists and S&C coaches. Check out the content and dates online – http://www.stickmobility.co.uk The course is mostly practical and covers the key principles; Leverage, Feedback, Irradiation, Isometrics and Coordination.

That’s enough chat Paul – Show us some moves!

Thank you Paul If people want to know more what should they do?

Join a course, check out the website, and follow us on social media.
…and grab a stick and have a no-obligation bend at Therapy Expo 2018.